My Kids Bench


My kids are constantly surrounded by family and friends who are all extremely generous people (thank you if you’re reading this!) but seriously, my son,Xavi, literally got 9 remote control cars one year for Christmas. Guess how many of them he plays with still or has since broke?

Common feedback we have received about our home has been how warm and inviting it is and feels. That is no coincidence - it is by design (patting myself on my back!).I have always wanted our home to be a welcoming environment to anyone that walks through the door and not have to worry about stepping on a tiny lego foot-bomb (ouch!). Even with my first born we barely child proofed our home (no judging!) I knew that my home would continue to represent my husbands and my style and that it would not be reflective of just being a mother of two.

When it comes to kids toys (I’ll add in some of my favourite toys later) organization is key. I knew that when storing my kids toys we needed something that was easily accessible, functional, multi purpose but also… it’s gt to look good. We have quite a large window in our living room that faces our little nature sanctuary out in the backyard and garden. The windows in our home are over sized which is an amazing feature that we wanted to accentuate and not obstruct from any furniture or decor. We opted for a large custom-built bench to fit directly in front of, but not blocking all the glorious natural light. The bench is as long as our window and has an abundance of incredibly useful storage space.

My vision was to obviously have enough storage capacity but also have individualized compartments to keep things neatly organized. I wanted my kids to able to see all of their toys so they could decide for themselves which ones they really wanted to play with. For my own selfish reasons I wanted to be able to view every item so I was aware of what they no longer showed interest in or anything that needed new batteries or was broken etc… time to go! We have one section for board-type games (which in my opinion are the BEST gifts for toddlers), a second section for arts and crafts, and the final third for various boy and girl toys that I’m constantly switching out for them to have a variety to play with.

This bench has been a life saver! If I have guests coming over I can easily put their toys (and yes they help too!) into the allotted spots lickety split. Then, poof, I have my home back... my pretty and neat (organized!) family home. My next project for our bench is to potentially add a long cushion or maybe pillows for the kids to sit on. Let me know what you think?!

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