It all started with a Blue Piano...


My parents had bought me a piano when I was 12 years old. Took lessons and the whole she-bang. I played for a few years but the interest died slowly and unfortunately lost the desire.

When my husband and I moved into our home my parents asked if I would like to take my piano. I thought, “why not?” For a few years it stayed in our den room untouched until my son, Xavi, was born. Luckily, I could still read music notes and certain songs came back to me naturally (like the lambada, duh… ) It was my son’s first Christmas and I knew I would be Bach to playing (funny piano pun, no?) There’s nothing like Christmas songs.

When we renovated our main floor I wanted to make the piano a feature statement piece in our living room. I knew the perfect spot where it should go and it just happened to be a vacant space in our wall. Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the appeal of a classically beautiful brown piano. However, I grew up in a very traditional Portuguese home (and in some areas of my life I still am) but I wanted to do something fun and spunky. The colour brown isn’t my forté (ok ok I’ll stop with the piano puns...) so I thought to myself why not a blue piano? Who the heck owns a blue piano?

I looked into getting it professionally painted as I was worried about ruining a perfectly beautiful piano. Then I thought to myself this would be a neat DIY if I could find something that was easy to use (and also for the sake of my anti-DIY husband.) That’s when I came across chalk paint, and more specifically Annie Sloane Chalk paint. I immediately found a store in my city that sold this specific chalk paint and called them directly asking a million questions- which began with what the fudge is chalk paint?!

Chalk paint is a type of paint that can be used on furniture (even walls or ceilings, indoor or outdoor) to make it appear more distressed or “aged.” The best part of chalk paint and why I was mostly interested, is that it requires almost no work- including no primer or sanding (yay for my husband!)

My  husband and I went for it- literally to Interiors to Inspire store in Calgary- and picked up some chalk paint. While we were at Interiors to Inspire, I also noticed these coastal moldings (PS. my house has a coastal theme which we will discuss later I’m sure…) and thought it would be a cool added feature to the piano to make it more unique and reflective of my style.

Needless to say, I LOVE MY BLUE PIANO! It’s a fun statement piece that always catches everyone’s eyes. It’s a fun way to express my style and decor- I’m constantly changing it up with seasonal decor, photos, lighting etc. My favourite is Christmas time where I have a place to display my beautiful pink and white mini Christmas and beach themed houses. The possibilities are endless with a statement piece like a piano…