The Basic Products for an Organized Home

To keep an organized home is to create an organized home. There are everyday organizational products that are necessary for a (basic) organized home. These are products that are going to make your life that much more functional and easier. Here is a list of my BASIC favourite products  for an organized home:


Notebook & Pen

One of the most used items in my household is a notebook. It’s where I write my to-do-list, random thoughts or numbers, and notes to my husband. I ALWAYS have plenty of notebooks at hand- usually with pink flamingos or seashells. I even have a few for different purposes. For instance, I have an everyday notebook, and another one for more important information such as monetary gifts given and received. I have one notebook specifically for my daughter so that she can doodle away while I doodle away my checklist for the day! And what’s better than a pretty pen to go with your pretty notebook? The bigger the googley eyes and pom poms, the better- in my opinion.


baskets, containers

& bins

My house is full of them- meaning every item has a place. I even have a basket I keep at the bottom of our stairs that is my ‘reminder basket’ of random items that need to be put away. I love the look of all clear containers and bins for certain items- holiday decor or crafts. Baskets are also a great way to express your own style- not everything is meant to be seen through a clear bin.


drawer dividers

Whether for your kitchen tools and utensils, or your panties (hehe) a divider is a MUST for any organized home. It’s the concept of having a place for every item in your home, while also being able to view it and have it easily accessible (because you know where you've put it!) It’s called a junk drawer for a reason- and your panties and expensive knives should have a home too.


velvet hangers

Velvet- need I say more? Great for the longevity of your clothes and creates more space for any closet- but that doesn’t mean you get to buy more clothes people…Plus now they come in a array of fun colours.



Hooks are extremely multi-purposeful. Whether they are used in your closet for your purses, holding towels, tools in your garage or used as decoration- it’s a basic product that's functional and versatile. Every room should have some- like how I used this beautiful starfish hook for my daughters clothing!



One of my favourite products to use throughout my home that can keep items neat and tidy are trays. I have a beautiful tray I keep on my bathroom counter for my everyday skincare products. I also have a specific one we use when it is family movie night with our favourite snacks (usually popcorn with chocolate chips mmm…)


file folders

Pretty ones only. Not the manila-yellow, blue and red- folders- yuck! These folders are great for almost anything- important documents, home manuals, kids homework and more!


lazy susan

Lazy Susan’s are a great way to keep similar items together. I have a HUGE wooden lazy susan- I use it a centerpiece for my dinning table for some of my Christmas decorations, and its great for taco nights! This lazy susan is part of my pantry (blog coming soon!)


a cleaning caddy

A Cleaning Caddy

100% necessity on my product list to keep my cleaning supplies organized and stowed away somewhere safe. Extra bonus-makes cleaning a little prettier? (or am I just trying to convince myself…)


command center/mail holder

We use ours for holding our pretty notebook and pens, extra birthday or wedding cards, mail, movie tickets and more! Everything is easily accessible and has a place so anyone in the family can find exactly what they are looking for. There are so many creative and beautiful ways to hold your bills (unfortunately?)

Here are a few of my favourite BASIC products I've purchased or are on my Wishlist!

Leave me a comment and let me know some of your favourite BASIC products!