The Not so Basic (but fun!) Products for an Organized Home

Hopefully you've read my blog on my top 10 Basic products for an organized home. Next up is a more fun list of items that can still keep your home organized with a fun and pretty twist!



By far my favourite product on this list is hands down a caboodle. I still own mine from way back in the day and it’s where I keep all my nail polishes. I couldn’t resist that nostalgic urge so I bought one for my daughter. Twinsies..


trinket trays

These little trays are a great way to keep smaller items together, like rings and keys. There are so many beautiful trays- from mirrored to gold plated, to fun designs such as flamingos and lamas. This feathered theme tray displays my daughters favourtie hair accessories.


jewellery displays

There are countless options of ways to organize your jewelry nowadays. From DIYs to display cases- the possibilities are endless. And it’s even more fun when you can beautifully display your special pieces.


pull-out valet rods

Is there anything sexier than a valet in your closet to display your favourite dress? I think not- maybe that’s just me getting excited about organizing. These rods are extremely useful like the one in this photo is taken from my mudroom/laundry room. I use it for hanging certain clothing right after they’ve been washed.



For crafts or booze! I’m currently obsessing over the glass and gold trimmed bar carts that have become recently more popular. And I love a good cart for all your crafts- organized and easily accessible.


makeup organizers

Caddies have come far from your mom’s vintage Mary Kay bag. There are so many great ways to store and organize your makeup. Clear containers are easily one of my favourite ways to keep my bronzers and blushes neatly organized, whereas I love my brushes to be be beautifully displayed and easily accessible. I also have the coolest lipstick tower- I’m a girly girl and I want to see all my pretty lipsticks!


office/desk accessories

Pink and gold are always a hit for me, but anything colourful and unique can really spice up that desk. A gold stapler is definitely on my wish list.


cake plates/tiers

These items have increasingly become popular, and sometimes not just for holding a cake! It’s a great way to display similar items, like olive oil and vinegar in the kitchen, or a creative way of displaying a charcuterie board on a three-tiered plate.


sunglass organizers

People love their sunglasses and what’s a better way to have all your favourite sunglasses in one spot. Clear containers are one of my favourite ways- if you can’t see what you own you wont ever use it!


decorative baskets

You can store just about anything in visually pleasing boxes. I have some of these pretty boxes for my kids keepsakes. It’s a fun change from the regular (and basic) clear container.

Here are a few of my favourite NON-BASIC products I've purchased or are on my Wishlist!