Bathroom & Linen Closet Makeover



Pasta maker included…

I had the pleasure of working on a client’s bathroom and linen closet. I have worked on many closets before however, this particular bathroom needed to be used for bathroom products as well as ALL of the families linens-this was a new adventure for me! Fortunately, for the client, as well as myself, this closet was HUGE! Unfortunately, it was disorganized and wasn’t being utilized to it’s full potential. Nothing really had a place and was more of “junk-drawer” than anything else- she even had a pasta maker in the closet that we had a good laugh about!

We were working with a tight budget. Elizabeth wanted to use what she had at home already, as well as what she recently purchased at the dollar store. We found marble stick-and-peel paper, gold-wired baskets, larger wired linen baskets, clear containers and some lazy susan’s. Originally, Elizabeth wanted to put this marble paper directly onto the shelving but luckily, I convinced her out of that idea. She already had good quality shelving in an off-white that would be a waste to cover. I told her that since this closet was quite large and in constant use, that the marble would look amazing if used as wallpaper. Why not make a bathroom/linen closet pretty?! If a closet (or anything for that matter) is organized and looks beautiful, it is more likely you will keep it looking that way!

The low quality dollar store wallpaper ($1.25) proved to be extra tricky but I happened to be up for the task! Despite this, it turned out exactly how we had hoped. I had a few scraps of paper left so I customized her regular black and white lazy susan’s- it added a classier touch! I used the clear containers to separate and organize baby, body and hair products- and labelled those for her. The lazy susan’s were utilized into a “his and hers” hair product (his) and skincare (hers) station- something that her husband really appreciated. We also found this stinking cute cactus tray (also from the dollar store!) that now holds her favourite makeup products. She’s able to easily access this tray everyday whether it be in the closet or displayed beautifully on her bathroom counter. With the linen baskets purchased from the dollar store we consolidated some miscellaneous bathroom supplies. This included things like toilet paper, hair tools, and medical supplies. In addition, the smaller gold baskets were used for her nail polishes, face masks and special soaps. Finally we used clear jars for her bath bombs and face sponges.

A linen/bathroom closet doesn’t need to be boring with only clear containers and generic labels- by customizing these products, adding colour and a touch of your personality it can truly transform a closet. Elizabeth is now debating if she even wants the closet doors anymore as she’s caught herself staring at how pretty it now looks! Hear what Elizabeth had to say about her experience with Casa Nessa and her new self-proclaimed "#closetgoals”




“My bathroom closet is something I’ve been wanting to work on for ages. With a little toddler running around these days I haven’t been left with too much free time, and my current closet turned into my absolute nightmare. Nessa at Casanessa literally made all my closet dreams come true. She was able to lighten up my space, clean and organize. She utilized every corner of the closet, making me see that I had so much more space then I was even aware of. All the while making it a super fun project and process. I told her exactly what I wanted and it’s as if she picked my brain and brought it to reality. Very friendly, spunky and easy to work with! I don’t mean to brag, but I feel like I have true #closetgoals thanks to casanessa!” - Elizabeth