Closet(s) Makeover

I recently had a client who asked me to work on her 2 closets, 6 foot clothing rack, dresser and nightstand - yes you read that right. Fortunately for her she has access to two rooms with above average sized closets including double doors and lighting inside. There was an eye-sore of a clothing rack in the middle of one of these rooms. She expressed her concern that she needed a complete closet makeover because she began feeling overwhelmed with the disorganization from the sheer quantity of clothing. We discussed her goals, how I could help and….


Step 1

Purge & Declutter

This first step is always an emotional trigger and the most time consuming for clients. We all attach feelings and experiences to any objects including clothing. To this day, I have the outfit I was wearing when I met my husband (and yes I too refuse to let it go!) With that being said, I have two general rules:

1) If you haven’t worn it in over a year… time to let it go (and a year is being generous!) *with an exception for timeless pieces like a little black dress

2) If you buy something new, out with the old

I tried to apply these rules to my client which proved to be difficult. As in 36 tank tops kind-of-tough. I’m here for support and teaching how to organize and maintain a functional closet, but the client is the one who really needs to let go of any emotional ties or “what if wide-legged lululemons make a comeback…” She was able to fill up two garbage bags full of clothing, one to donate to family and friends, and another to sell. Success!


Step 2


One thing I wanted to work on was how I was going to make two separate closets in two rooms work better for my client. The rooms are right beside one another but regardless, I wanted to make it more efficient and functional. Closet 1 was going to be assigned for more everyday clothing (like her love of sweaters and 36 tank tops) and was in the room with her dresser. This is now the room and closet she uses on a regular day-to-day basis. Closet 2 which she expressed was her “yoga” room where she wanted less clutter was going to be her more special occasions clothing like her dresses, crop tops and dog clothing. Having her clothing separated into these categories (again, luckily for her into two spacious closets) now allows her to know exactly where her favorite floral romper or hoodies are.


Step 3

Organizing Materials

Although I understand the (small) beneficial uses of wood hangers, I knew we needed to get rid of all 106 of them. These hangers were taking up so much space that she had to physically buy a 6 foot clothing rack- that we wanted to eventually get rid of. We opted for black velvet hangers from Amazon Basics- which I’ve used and liked for years. We also used these amazing tank top hangers that were huge space savers and made it significantly easier for her to see all of her tank tops (ongoing goal for this client is to continue to push herself to purge her 36 tank top collection!) She already had two large hanging shoe organizers which we utilized for smaller non-everyday use items like her Pomeranian clothing and bikinis. We purchased 6 large linen baskets for above her closet for random items such as costumes and empty bags. And we also bought drawer dividers which were a huge hit when organizing her undergarments. You can find all these products down below or check out my Wishlist page!


Step 4

Organizing Process

Again I follow 4 general rules:

1) Plan your closet seasonally (so yes you have to do this multiple times in a year but SO worth it!) -so for example, when it’s -30 degrees outside have all those comfy sweaters out front where you can see them and all those summer dresses to the back.

2) Categorize again! Tees with tees, sweater dresses with sweater dresses, two pieces with two pieces…you get the point.

3) Categorize by Colour (which is so aesthetically pleasing its my favorite) Easiest way is to follow the rainbow with a few exceptions - WHITE, RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET, BROWN, GREY AND BLACK.

4) Do what works for you- I know everyone is on a “spark-your-joy” high, but if folding and rolling 30 something t-shirts into a drawer isn’t feasible (because you know yourself better than Marie Kondo knows you) than be realistic about your goals and intentions. I showed my client how Marie Kondo would fold her shirts and my client was horrified cause she knew she wouldn’t be able to upkeep it. So be realistic with yourself and don’t feel bad about it! We were able to use the method for her leggings which worked out great.Keep in mind that Marie Kondo is folding a handful of clothes in a Japanese home FYI people but that’s a whole another blog…


Step 5


We’ve completed the organizing process and now my client’s closets look brand new - and we got rid of the ugly clothing rack completely! My part is done and now the real work for my client is to reevaluate her closet (her likes/dislikes) and maintaining her closet. Luckily for her I’ll always be checking in on her!

Check out THE Before & After Photos  



We also had two large built-in shelves that we used to display her shoes, handbags, hats and books. She loved being able to see everything! And it really looked beautiful

Click here for list of Organizing Products we used in Closet(s) Makeover