10 Organizing Mistakes

It’s easy to get caught up on Pinterest reading articles titled “25+ creative small bathroom storage ideas” or “organize your life in 52 weeks,” and I myself have fallen victim to that. Being able to organize isn’t jamming everything into pretty baskets and containers while hoping that your new ‘organized system’ will keep you on track and on top of things. We often aren’t even mindful of common and simple mistakes we all make when it comes to organizing our home and life. Here are some frequent organizing mistakes that can be challenged and changed with awareness and good intentions. Read on to figure out how!

1. Organizing is a Quick (and Permanent) Fix! 

Ugh. Wrong. Organizing your home should be as regular and normal as the seasons change. It's a general rule I try to follow within my own home- continue my organizing process with each new season-and not just because your winter gear is no longer needed in your mudroom as spring approaches, but also as a reminder (like actually put it in your schedule!) to continue organizing your life. Organizing should be constant and consistent!

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2. Purchasing Products Before Organizing!

There's a process to organizing every room or space-it begins typically with decluttering, followed up by sorting and categorically organizing items... The problem is people get overly excited and eager to jump on this Marie Kondo "spark joy" trend, and go straight to Ikea or Bed Bath and Beyond and purchase every acrylic organizer or printed basket that meets their eyes. Finding solutions to your room or space involves more than just choosing what looks good, but also what you actually need to make that space more functional and effective for your life. Organize first and then you can have a more clear picture of what products will work for you and your home.

3. No Real Purpose!

Organizing can be exceptionally difficult when you don't have a clear idea of how you will utilize the space- hence no real purpose. It may be those unused items you have stored away (out of sight, out of mind-which we will get to soon) in some random drawer or even something as simple as your junk drawer that's inhibiting this space's functionality. We need to be intentional when we organize a room or space- every item should have a purpose and therefore be purposefully placed!


4.Too Much Stuff!

This is one I particularly struggle with- but am constantly working on, because remember organizing is not an easy permanent fix! It’s important to begin with de-cluttering your home and acknowledging when it’s time to let go our things. I love the idea and look of maximalism ( I know those minimalists are cringing... but if done right it can be so interesting and eye pleasing!) For instance, my seashell collection in my coffee table, and throughout my whole house if I'm being completely honest, may seem like "too much stuff." Remember that having too much stuff can inhibit you staying organized so keep in mind of having a purpose and enjoyment of these items.

5. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

We all hold onto unused items- "one day I'll use that avocado slicer..." If your sentence begins like this "one day..." toss it! And what's worse about holding onto these useless products is that typically we store them somewhere we can't see them (out of sight, out of mind!) which makes organizing and staying organized that much more difficult. This goes with knowing the purpose of a space or room- so that when you’re ready to make any organizing product purchases you will know exactly what you have (not too much stuff!) and where it is!

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6. Not Using Hooks Everywhere!

I love a good wallpaper and art (preferably one of my kids own since I'm more sentimental like that) but using hooks can be a game changer when organizing your life. Whether it be behind a door, in a kids playroom or inside a cabinet- hooks should be essential in any home. Plus you can just about find any themed hook to add a touch of personality!

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7. Ignoring Valuable Real Estate!

Nowadays there are many creative storage ideas you can use in some of the most unlikely spots in your home- think of using ladders, shelves, and again hooks! Think vertical- and everywhere! And don't forget inside and behind doors. Or even a lazy susan!

8. Making a “I’ll eventually get to it” Paper stack!

As soon as those flyers, invites, and letters make their way in your home- put it in it’s place! Like IMMEDIATELY! Use organizing systems like recycling bins, folders for important documents, and letter holders etc. to maintain your home and life. Otherwise those piles will just stack up and chances are it’ll take yo months to put them in it’s place.

9. Ashamed to Ask for Help

It can be hard to admit your" faults"- maybe you just don't have the time or patience for organizing tasks. It could be that you just aren't good at it- and that's ok! There are professionals and even friends who might be willing to help you sort out your life. Casa Nessa is always up for a challenge!

10. No Communication

If you finally go through with the organizing process (de-clutter, sort, categorize etc...) and have an organized system in place, but then don't bother explaining anything to anyone else who lives in the same household... you're doomed. It should be important for all family members (even including your children-heck make a award chart out of this!) to follow and maintain these organizing "rules" to help you and your family keep an ORGANIZED LIFE!