Simple Habits for a Clean Home

My name is Vanessa and I have a confession to make- I’m a neat freak! I love a clean and organized home- and admittedly get anxious when I can’t keep up with housework. I’m a bit obsessive and can be over the top (I got it from my mama) but I have a few simple habits for a clean home- foolproof tips!

It’s Spring so with that comes spring clean fever- or is it just me? Do you ever wish you could keep your house clean and organized without having to spend hours on it everyday? Here’s my easy list on SIMPLE habits on keeping your home clean (and organized too!)

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Make your Bed!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- as soon as you wake up MAKE YOUR BED! There’s something so gratifying about walking into a mess free room- and an unmade bed (also the largest piece of furniture in your room) looks chaotic.

Put it Away!

Whatever comes through your door (mail, new clothing, groceries…) should be put away RIGHT AWAY! Do not set it down somewhere to deal with it “later”- cause chances are it’ll likely just stay there and pile up with more stuff. If every item has a purpose than purposefully put it in its place!


Clear your Counter!

I love being able to see our beautiful quartzite countertops- why cover them with unnecessary items like mail, toys, dirty dishes… Clutter makes this space feel messy. Maybe use a lazy susan to keep all your spices, butter and oils in one place! By keeping your counters clear of clutter and clean it instantly transforms your kitchen! And remember to wipe them down- it takes less than a minute. Make a habit of doing it while cooking or right after dinner.


 Wipe down your Counters- in your bathroom!

After I get ready for my day I ALWAYS (yes, everyday) wipe down my bathroom counters. I use disinfectant wipes that I keep in my sink cabinets or extra cloths, and quickly wipe down my sink and counter-tops. This has become a habit now- and looks and feels  (and smells!) so much better throughout the day.

Invest in a handheld Vacuum - but for real!

I remember my mom had one of these when I was younger, and haven’t really seen much of them since. I purchased one through amazon a couple years ago. I was always chasing after my kid’s lunch crumbs and didn’t want to have to constantly bring out the vacuum or broom for smaller messes. LIFE CHANGING! I use it everywhere- between my cushion couches is a favourite and even my kids love to use it and help mommy! Click here for the one I own! And here’s a photo of my pantry where I keep my handheld vacuum right under my appliances- so convenient!


 15 Minute Tidy Up!

I’ve discussed this before- at the end of your day make time (10-15 minutes) to do a general tidy up around your house. Set an alarm on your phone and go at it – throw in a load of laundry, put dishes or clothes away, wipe down those counters (I mean it!)… It will make your morning that much easier on you.


Knowing the Difference between Tidy & Clean!

Your home could be “clean” in that the counter-tops (yes I’m saying that word again) are wiped down and floors have been mopped or vacuumed- but if toys, clothing, paper etc. are everywhere your home isn’t tidy. Knowing the difference is important because you can prioritize and focus on one given task at a time. Just remember that keeping your home clean is just as important as keeping it tidy but it is harder to do if it’s a clutter zone!


Use a Timer!

When you start your spring cleaning (and no not all in one day!) set your timer on your phone. It allows you to focus and put a good amount of effort into that one task. You can accomplish a lot with even just ten minutes!

Make it a Routine!

If you’re able to complete all (or most) of these simple habits it’ll easily become part of your routine. We all want our homes to stay clean and organized- routines help us in doing so! Remember to create good routines and habits- and keep it simple!