10 Easy Ways to Decorate on a Budget

Hi amigos! Not everyone wants to break the bank on decor so I thought I’d share some easy tips on how to decorate your home without having to pay an arm and a leg for your house to still feel stylish and cozy.

  1. Shop your home
    Whether it be re-purposing furniture, spray painting old frames, vases or mirrors, or DIY book covers with pretty prints-the options are endless! Another easy idea is moving items from one room to another.

  2. One room at a time
    There’s no rush to cover every single wall and table in every room when you want to decorate your home. It can be overwhelming (and pricey!) so try to focus on one room at a time. By making an effort by decorating one room you can also set out a specific budget for that room- so you aren’t overspending while decorating your entire home!

  3. Paint
    A budget friendly way to spruce up any room- DIY! Painting a room or even just one accent wall is an easy way to decorate your home. Or any easy fix if the walls need an update!

  4. Hardware
    This is one of my favourite (also easy and budget friendly) decor tips to add style and personality to any room. I added beautiful hardware to my daughters bedroom dresser- it’s girly, fun and cute! All from Anthropologie for under $20! Best part is I can tell her to open the turtle drawer and she can dress herself!

  5. Hooks
    I’ve talked about my love for hooks around every nook and corner in my home. Not only are hooks extremely inexpensive but also functional. And is an effortless way of decorating your home. Add a touch of personality and get something fun- like a mermaid hook!

  6. Wallpaper
    This is also one of my favourite ways to decorate. Although some wallpaper can be expensive you can find stick and peel wallpaper that’s under $20 and can change up any space. The wallpaper I used in my pantry was only $30 a roll and everyone always compliments on it. It’s a straightforward install once you get the hang of it. Add to an accent wall or even to a closet!

  7. Art

    Kids art is especially inexpensive! Hit up HomeSense or Ikea, and there’s hundreds of options that aren’t going to break the bank.

  8. Grocery store flowers
    You can easily find plants or flowers for under $10 that’ll last for at least two weeks. I’ve seen smaller orchids for cheap that’ll last you longer as well! Stores like Walmart and Superstore are great options.

  9. Pillows & Blankets

    Pillows and blankets add comfort to your home and is a simple (and affordable!) way to decorate any room. Finding pillows for under $30 isn’t a hard job if you know where to go!

  10. Stay on Budget

    Technically this isn’t a decorating tip but it’s likely the most important one on the list! By sticking to a budget (try the room by room idea) it allows awareness of what you should be spending on decorating. Everything adds up so be mindful of your budget and get creative with it!