Organizing Sentimental Cards

Recently a friend messaged me and asked “Ok help! My major issue at home is how to store greeting cards! They add up so fast! Just throw them in a nice box from HomeSense? I feel like they should be sorted by occasion and years?”

I myself am not a huge card person- sometimes I think it’s a waste of paper and money. Often we receive cards with the typical generic messages inside “congratulations” or “best wishes” from so and so. Some people are better at expressing themselves with sentimental notes or if you’re like me, I get my kids to make cards for loved ones (doesn’t really matter if they keep it or not- it's the thought that counts right?!)

So let’s start there- KEEP the one’s that have TRUE and THOUGHTFUL meaning. Yes the card might be really beautiful on the outside but have no real value on the inside- so that’s up to you! Maybe cut it in half and just keep the front. If the person didn’t really put any insight does it really matter who it was from at all? Might sound a bit harsh but cards easily pile up with so many different occasions and celebrations so try to keep what’s most important to you.

There are plenty of fun and creative ways of keeping those sentimental cards organized. Here are just a few!


storage box

Simple and easy- not much thought goes into this one but it’s a great way of keeping those special cards somewhere all in one place and still neatly organized. Organize it by family members or occasions!


DIY card book

This requires a little bit of effort and work but is a really cute and fun idea. It also makes a great gift for your loved one or kids! There are plenty of DIY card book guidelines on Pinterest.


card display box

I personally love this idea for wedding cards (usually the prettiest in my opinion!) It’s a great way to display those meaningful notes and share them with your family and friends. Etsy has plenty of beautiful display boxes like the one shown here.


keepsake box

Yes you can go and buy a pretty box from homesense and call it a day! That works for some of us, but if you' really want something special get a custom keepsake box for yourself or as a present for your loved ones. These are beautiful and best part is it doesn’t require that much time in organizing!


art work or a scrapbook

This is very unique and special. It’s a great way to display and share those gorgeous cards and meaningful messages- include your kids cards. So colourful and fun! Or cut up those images and notes and turn it into a scrapbook.


simple clear box

Some of us like it simple, clean and easy. That’s where my love of clear storage boxes come in. Get a box like this for each family member and organize it by occasion- just try to remember to keep the one’s that mean the most to you so it doesn’t get too overwhelming.

These are just a few ways of keeping your endless piles of cards organized. You could turn your cards into book covers, frame the most special ones, make a collage or turn them into coasters! Check out Pinterest for inspiration!