About me... Nessa!


My name is Vanessa, but my family and friends call me Nessa. I’m a wife and a mama to a busy 5 year old boy and a spunky 2 year old girl.

My passion is my home. To make it my forever home (even if it might not be- who knows!) It’s our beach house in Calgary- which ironically is nowhere near a beach, and our summers are mild/dry and winters are cold (but hey enough about the weather...) The beach is where my heart is, and where my family is from- Portugal.

I’m a girly girl through and through. I love all things pink and blue, and coastal. I’ve always had an interest in interior design and decor, but it truly became my passion when we began renovating our home (while part-time working, pregnant and chasing after a toddler- hence why I REALLY love it!) I also realized how much I enjoyed everything neatly and aesthetically (like really really prettily) organized- whether it be my shoe addiction, my kids colour coded closets or our next project- the pantry.

Finally, I seek to help others bring to light what inspires them and help them create their own beautiful and organized (and clean!) interiors. Hope you enjoy!